Hôtel Ibis Styles Strasbourg Stade de la Meinau car park

The car park Ibis Styles Strasbourg Stade de la Meinau is a hotel car park open for booking and monthly rental. It is located 11 minutes walk from the Stade de la Meinau.

Car access
2 rue Shertz - 67100 Strasbourg
Hôtel Ibis Styles Strasbourg Stade de la Meinau
Parking available without bookingGo
100% secure payment
Ticket-free access
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How to go to car park Hôtel Ibis Styles Strasbourg Stade de la Meinau?

Access guide

How to access the car park?

Once at 2 rue Shertz, 67100 Strasbourg, go to the entrance of the underground car park (right lane) Ring the intercom and give your identity by specifying that you are an OPnGO user After checking the validity of your reservation, the reception of the hotel will open the first gate for you When you arrive in front of the second gate, simply press the button to access the car park You will be able to park on any free space Stairs will allow you to leave the car park going up to hotel reception level You will then be at 2 rue Shertz

How to retrieve your vehicle?

Go through the hotel entrance hall (if the door is closed, use the intercom so that the hotel staff can open for you) Inform the reception staff of your departure Take the stairs leading to the car park and collect your vehicle Go to the first gate and wait for it to open The second gate will open automatically afterwards You can then leave the car park at 2 rue Shertz

Where to park?

Any available space

Access types
Max. height
1.9 m

Available facilities

  • ToiletToilet